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Established in 2014, the International Parkour Federation (IPF) assists in the formation of National Parkour Governing Bodies (NGB’s), mentors young parkour athletes around the world, and supports initiatives that exemplify the Parkour philosophy, “Be Strong to Be Useful.” In recent years, IPF has focused largely on the conflict-torn countries of the MENA region, and together with local athletes in Baghdad helped to open Iraq’s first Parkour school which now provides a safe place to train for more than 350 young athletes. IPF steadfastly supports gender and racial equality, and human diversity in all its global initiatives.

The Mission of IPF is to promote the practice of Parkour and related disciplines through community building, world wide and local competitive and non-competitive events, charitable initiatives for underserved parkour communities, and the creation of affiliated Parkour National Governing Bodies in countries around the world. IPF is committed to partnership with like-minded people of good will, with the goal of filling our 15 member executive council and 30 member board with a diverse group of global leaders who share our vision inclusion and equality regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We will continue our pro-parkour, pro-social initiatives around the world, which we believe represent the best of the parkour philosophy, “Be strong to be useful.”

In 2014, the founders of WFPF filed not-for-profit incorporation papers in Indiana (later transferred to New Jersey) for a new organization, the International Parkour Federation. We were warned by our longtime advisors, individuals with decades of experience in national and international Olympic sports governance, that if we did not do so and begin the process of creating a true world governing body for our sport, that the Federation International Gymnastique (FIG) would eventually make a play to appropriate Parkour, as they had done with other disciplines. Following in WFPF’s footsteps, IPF now stepped into the leadership void and did what needed to be done. Federation By-laws were written and an application was submitted for membership in Sport Accord/GAISF, the first step in formal recognition for a new sport.

IPF is a not-for-profit, independent, international organization made up of volunteers representing the diverse needs of parkour athletes and communities around the world. Members of our growing and diverse Executive Council include representatives from Mexico, the US, Mexico, Egypt, Iran and the UK, among them Ryan Doyle and other world-renowned parkour athletes.To view IPF’s Constitution and By-Laws, including our Conflict of Interest statement.


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