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Malta Modern Pentathlon full member of FISO!

We are happy to announce that Malta Modern Pentathlon as been admitted as Full member of the World Obstacle – FISO!

The Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) members are composed of National Member Federations administering Obstacle Sports and their related Disciplines and Events. Each National Federation (NF) belongs to one of the four Continental ConfederationsObstacle Sports Federation AfricaObstacle Sports Federation Asia Pacific (including Oceania), Pan American Obstacle Sports Federation, and the European Obstacle Sports Federation.

World Obstacle is a member based, democratic, not for profit organization structured to represent the needs of it’s members (the national federations and their obstacle sports communities), and meet requirements specified by the International Olympic Committee to be recognized as an international sport.

Athletes and associations are the members of the national federations and lead the committees, commissions, boards and executive branches. This is a democratic system by and for the athletes to represent their needs.

FISO facilitates safety, fairness and opportunities for athletes to compete at every level, including the FISO World Championships, World Series and Continental Championships. This includes international results and rankings, officials, training, rule enforcement, insurance services, coaching, training camps, event information, event services, news, education, adjudication and more.


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